We will also provide training for your employees to ensure that they can fully operate your new Ghanshyam Engineering’s system on their own. Also, we stay associated with you over the lifetime of your system with certified OEM parts, specialized help and critical thinking support. Furthermore, we’re hanging around for you with proactive, prescient and straightforward administrations, in which we call you before an issue happens. We utilize the power of remote connectivity through our proactive remote observing focus to monitor your machine. What’s more, on the off chance that we notice a decrease in performance execution, we are as of now on top of it before you even notice — which helps you to avoid any unplanned downtime. We Offer:
  • In-Plant Training
  • Field Training
  • Seminar


  • To offer thorough understanding about Injection Moulding Machine System – Safety, Injection Unit Maintenance, Screw & Barrel Maintenance, Clamping Unit Maintenance, Hydraulic System Maintenance & Electrical System Maintenance
  • To keep your employees fit for the current Injection Moulding Challenges
  • To achieve Optimal Utilization of the existing Injection Moulding Machine in your plant
  • To have Increased Reliability, Productivity and Uptime for your Injection Molding Machine
  • To prevent Obsolescence & support Personal Growth by Motivation to your employees


  • Longer Life of Machinery & Mould
  • Knowledgeable, Multi-Skilled & Competent Manpower having Complete Machine Control
  • Motivated Employees
  • Preventive Maintenance & Enhanced Productivity
  • Advanced Troubleshooting Skills

IN-Plant Training


  • Basics of Molding Machine
  • TInside of Molding Machine
  • Basics of Hydraulics(Electricals for ELEKTRON IMM)

Assembly & Operations

  • Assembly & Testing of Machine
  • Understanding of Circuits
  • Identification of M/c Parts & PLC Understanding
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Processing Tips

Field Training

Process Optimization

  • Classroom Training – Theory on Process Optimization
  • Practical Workshop – Practical Understanding on Clamp Side & Injection Side of Machine
  • Process Trouble Shooting – Defects & Causes & Remedies
  • Training Document

Preventive Maintenance

  • Classroom Training – Theory on Preventive Maintenance
  • Practical Workshop – Practical Understanding of Oil Maintenance, Water & Air Maintenance, Electrical Maintenance & Mechanical Maintenance
  • Human Safety
  • Machine & Mould Safety
  • Training Document


  • Process Optimization
  • Importance of “Hydraulic Oil? (Oil Care)
  • Selection Criteria of Auxiliaries
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Advancement in Mold Technology
  • Processing of Engineering Polymers
  • Processing of Commodities Polymers

Training Catalogue

For more information you may download the catalogue by Clicking Here.

Training Registration

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